Fabrizio Rosselli , circus artist and Clown since 2001 consolidates his career by coming to France, creating and playing with the company Betticombo ( winners of the Innovation Prize at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain 2014 ) and doing experiences with his own company cieFabrizioRosselli who with the show Bakéké is, currently, in its fifth year of international tour.
Fabrizio has trained in three circus schools : Carampa (ES) , Flic (IT) and Esacto LeLido (FR) and he participated in many clown workshops.
He finds his own way of being on stage and his way of living clown by mixing the various experiences of studies and practice on stage.
To this day Fabrizio calls himself more of a clown than a juggler, and he proves right all those who told him at the beginning, when he wanted to juggle: you are a clown.